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Why are Koreans so patriotic and have so much pride?

AskCategory: CultureWhy are Koreans so patriotic and have so much pride?
lizbethelizabeth98 asked 8 months ago

I understand why in the old days every country was patriotic, since they fought to get freedom and life was harder. But I don’t understand why Koreans seem to be way to patriotic. It seems too much. It feels like they get offended when “ugly issues” are brought up about their country.  I mean every country has problems but that doesn’t mean we hate our country, they just have to be mentioned  to be solved. Anyways thanks

1 Answers
Anna Lee Staff answered 8 months ago
To be honest, I agree with you. I think many other Koreans also think the patriotism or ‘국뽕’ as we say in Korea gets way too much sometimes. I think because Korea grew fast so quickly (until about the 1980s, Korea was extremely poor), and now we’re getting a lot more attention from the global stage with K-entertainment, people feel very proud. And when they hear criticisms of Korea, they get defensive very quickly. But like you said, every country has problems and the only way to grow more is to take constructive criticism and try to progress as a nation. I think being so blindly nationalistic, no matter where you’re from is not a good look and to put it plainly, ignorant. 
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