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Portrayal of corruption in K Dramas

AskCategory: CulturePortrayal of corruption in K Dramas
Marianne Letourneau asked 7 months ago

Corruption is a reccuring theme in various k dramas. I understand the actions, measures and behaviours corrupt characters and organizations portray are exaggerated to better the story line and create more drama. 
While every country deals with corruption, I was wondering if this theme being used somewhat prominently had any significance to actual corruption issues within Korea. 
I’m not looking for tea or specific political opinions, but more so a general feel of the importance of this issue in Korean society. 
Thank you  

1 Answers
NAKD SEOUL Danny Kim Staff answered 7 months ago
A lot of the corruption you see portrayed on Korean media takes cues from actual events in Korean society. For example – the movie Veteran portrays a conglomerate beating someone up and then giving them money for the beat up – this exact event happened five years prior to the movie’s release.
Korea, just like any country, has many issues with corruption. A lot of Korean wealth is run by conglomerates, or chaebols as we call it. These chaebols pass down their wealth and power to their heirs, and this has been going on for the past three generations of modern Korean history. Naturally, this results in a concentration of power, and that means there’s bound to be corruption some way or another. A lot of Korean people feel that K-Dramas and movies underplay the level of corruption among the wealthy. 
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