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How do Koreans view Latin/Hispanic people?

AskCategory: CultureHow do Koreans view Latin/Hispanic people?
Jos asked 12 months ago

How do Koreans view Latin/Hispanic people?

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Danny Kim Staff answered 12 months ago
I think Korea has a perception that Latin/Hispanic people are very passionate people that are free souls that love to party and dance. That’s a big stereotype we have here. However, the general population of Latin/Hispanic people in Korea is relatively low, and there is not too much exposure to their culture here. Thus, there is not a lot of perceptions outside of such stereotypes, so relatively speaking I’d say there wouldn’t be too much negativity either. 
At the end of the day if you are a nice person to someone they will treat you nice and if you are a jerk then they will treat you like one. We’re all just human
However, at the end of the day I don’t think too many Koreans would be 
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