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What is the perception on Africa and Africans in Korea

AskCategory: CultureWhat is the perception on Africa and Africans in Korea
Sheni asked 12 months ago

What would you say is the primary source of information on Africa & africans specifically to the general populace in Korea? Also, Is there a differentiation between the different peoples, regions and countries of the continent or is this seen as just africa? I’m curious, and my curiosity stems from my having studied in one of the asian countries where everyone thought we were all brothers and sisters.

1 Answers
J Staff answered 12 months ago
I would say the primary source is the media, especially the ones originating from the U.S.. The continent of Africa is rather unfamiliar to Koreans. Personally, I lacked the understanding of different tribes, regions, and cultures of the continent until I actually met a group of friends from different parts of Africa. It may be similar to how non-Asian people think all east asians are all the same.
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