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Korean traditional Clothes worn at funerals by family

AskCategory: CultureKorean traditional Clothes worn at funerals by family
danaq asked 8 months ago
Give insight of funeral attire worn by family member of dearly departed.. As seen on KDrama..

  1. Tiny white/mint green colored bow worn in hair of female family member of deceased
  2. White crown like hat (torn burlap material) worn on head by family member of deceased
  3. White torn robe (burlap material) tie with rope worn by family member of deceased
1 Answers
NAKD SEOUL Danny Kim Staff answered 7 months ago
We call these clothes that we wear during funerals 상복 (Sangbok).
Family members of the deceased wear these, and your style differs depending on your gender. Men wear white burlap robes and the hats you saw on the dramas. Women on the other hand usually wear white hanbok with a white ribbon on their hair.
Nowdays however, it’s becoming more common to simply wear black suits instead of the traditional Sangboks. Most funerals I’ve been to have been with black suits. They’ll wear a yellow ribbon on their right arm to show that they are part of the deceased family.
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