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In K-Dramas men often slap or attempt to slap women. Is that really a thing? 

AskCategory: CultureIn K-Dramas men often slap or attempt to slap women. Is that really a thing? asked 9 months ago

In K-Dramas men often slap or attempt to slap women. Is that really a thing?

1 Answers
Danny Kim Staff answered 9 months ago
Tough question. If you are asking if it’s culturally accepted or common to slap women, then no. I don’t think I’ve ever seen or heard of any of my guy friends slapping or using physical violence on their partners. However, like any country domestic violence and dating abuse does exist unfortunately. On top of that, Korea is generally private about family matters and many people feel ashamed to report on domestic issues – so much of the domestic violence cases go unreported.
Thankfully, that has come to change the past few years thanks to the raised awareness regarding dating and domestic violence. This is indicated by the graph below, where number of arrests for dating abuse have risen drastically compared to previous years as of late.
If you want more information on this topic, there is a great Wiki page on it:
Staff replied 9 months ago

Slapping, not so common BUT dating/domestic violence, very common. Some men often express their anger in violent ways, such as throwing/destroying objects, yelling, driving dangerously, etc.
I personally hate watching K-drama with romance, which most of them are, because some domestic violence (like stalking and not respecting boundaries) is totally romanticized. K-dramas show happy ending, but it’s not the reality. Women hope not to be retaliated in any way from men when breaking up or even turning them down when asked our.

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