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What perception do Koreans currently have on the drama Snowdrop?

AskCategory: CultureWhat perception do Koreans currently have on the drama Snowdrop?
rooniewade asked 7 months ago

Hello, I am very curious about perception koreans currently have on the drama Snowdrop? As well as how all this has affected each member of the cast and production?

I have done some of my own research on korean history to try and better my understanding (of course will never understand as much as someone born and raised in Korea). I watched the first two episodes and have read about how the drama is progressing. At least to me it still seems problematic and I cannot see myself continuing with the show.

In the beginning and obviously before it aired many were against the drama. As it has been airing for almost a month now despite the petition/compaints and controversies that have arisen, and I wonder if anything has changed?

1 Answers
NAKD SEOUL Danny Kim Staff answered 7 months ago

Snowdrop is still controversial, but the buzz around the controversy seems to have died down considerably. I have not watched the show except the first two episodes, so I cannot say for myself, but some who have watched it seem to say that the controversy was blown out of proportion.  Recently there was a group of Korean Studies professors that have made a public statement on the matter, heavily criticizing the drama and Disney+.  The democratic protests are considered a very sacred event in modern Korean history that have completely changed and shaped the way Korea is now today, so I understand the reactions behind the issue.  To further add on, right now there is a divide between the left and right between the matter as well. The left, many of whom were once the protesters themselves, heavily criticize the drama, while the right claim they are oppressing the creative freedom of the writers.   

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