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Is alcoholism an issue in Korea?

AskCategory: CultureIs alcoholism an issue in Korea?
Gayl Carlberg asked 12 months ago
Drinking is so prevalent in kdramas. Hangover remedies are a thing. But rarely do I see any comments about someone having a drinking problem and needing help. It doesn’t seemed to be portrayed as a societal issue. Is that true?
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Danny Kim Staff answered 12 months ago

Alcoholism is pretty rampant in Korea, with the loose laws around alcohol use (you can even drink in public parks) and the culture that somewhat stigmatizes people who can’t drink as ‘unfun’ or lacking social skills. Alcohol is a big part of the corporate culture here, and many people don’t really see much of a problem with alcohol addiction. An Al-Jazeera article stated Korea as the country with the most alcoholics in the world.  That being said, the culture is slowly changing.


Here are a few interesting articles you can read on Korean drinking culture and alcoholism:

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