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Are there any cults in Korea?

AskCategory: CultureAre there any cults in Korea?
SeaKayak20 asked 12 months ago

Are there any cults in Korea?

1 Answers
Danny Kim Staff answered 12 months ago

Oh boy, there are lots and lots of cults in Korea. Just go to any major metro station, look alone and bored(and approachable) and you will be asked by a random stranger to answer their ‘survey’ or they will tell you, that you have a ‘nice face’. 9 times out of 10 they will be someone trying to recruit you to a cult.

One of the most notable cults are the Shincheonji Church of Jesus – which has over 200,000 members. Or actually don’t check it out. In all seriousness, read this article below, it’ll help you understand cults in Korea as well as how to deal with them if you ever come across one.

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