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Why is bullying so prevalent in Korea? Are there any laws to prevent bullying?

AskCategory: CultureWhy is bullying so prevalent in Korea? Are there any laws to prevent bullying?
Geetanjali asked 8 months ago

Why is bullying so prevalent in Korea? Are there any laws to prevent bullying? Why isnt bullying taken seriously in schools and other educational institutions? Do you think bullying should be made punishible by law?

2 Answers
Danny Kim Staff answered 8 months ago
I think part of the issue is the lack of effective punishment for bullying and the teachers not wanting to ‘ruin the future’ of a student.
If there is a report on a bullying incident that is severe, the teachers will open a ‘학폭위’ – basically a committee of teachers and a police officer that will assess the issue and hand out the punishment. Usually punishments involve suspension or transferring schools. However, it rarely goes to them actually facing any criminal punishments, because many teachers feel like that would severely hinder the student’s chances of advancing in college, and potentially a good career. Since it has such dire consequences, teachers try to keep the punishment to a ‘reasonable’ level. Thus, the end result is students receiving weak punishment for their wrongdoings.
Of course, there are many different reasons other than this, I suggest you read this paper if you want to get a deeper insight on the topic.

Best Answer

J Staff answered 8 months ago
I agree with Danny on the superficial logistics and lack of consequences. 
But in broader terms, I feel like people just stopped caring about being kind and nice like actual human beings. 
Kids grow up learning that wealth, appearance, or going into good universities are the only things that matter. Also people easily discriminate and look down on others who they think are lesser than them only using those as standards – Korea may not have as many racial problems as other countries, but it is a highly discriminatory society.
The age also plays a big role. If someone is older than you, you are expected to be respectful to them. So some older ones or seniors abuse that culture, which leads to bullying and hazing. 
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