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Brand recommendations for soju or makgeolli?

AskCategory: CultureBrand recommendations for soju or makgeolli?
Catherine asked 7 months ago

Do you have some basic recommendations for people looking to try soju or makgeolli but don’t know where to start?

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Danny Kim Staff answered 7 months ago
I’d suggest with the basic soju / makgeolli brands first, as they are the typical taste people relate with such drinks. Jinro, Cham Iseul are two huge popular soju brands. They also have flavored versions if the harsh taste of soju doesn’t fit your tastebuds. To someone who hasn’t tried them yet, I’d say they would probably taste pretty similar. For Makgeolli – Jangsu Makgeolli is the biggest one.
Once you’ve tried those bigger popular brands, you can then get adventurous and try some of the more ‘craftier’ soju / makgeolli brands, the one I like the most is called Tokki, it’s distilled in a more traditional way and has a bit of a stronger taste. The availability of these smaller brands vary widely depending on the store, so my suggestion is to just try them out. The craftier ones will have fancier packaging so you’ll know they are craft.
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