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are you really isolated in korea if you choose not to drink alcohol?

AskCategory: Cultureare you really isolated in korea if you choose not to drink alcohol?
sarahmx2002 asked 8 months ago
(reposting bc my computer glitched and selected something from a drop-down menu cries) hi, i’m really interested in going to korea but i’ve heard that people kinda look at you weird or treat you differently upon finding out that you don’t drink alcohol or enjoy going out and partying. i know you’ve even talked about it in your videos. i just wanna know how people would generally react and treat me if i were to say “hey, i’m not really a fan of drinking alcohol or partying” or something along those lines lol 


1 Answers
Danny Kim Staff answered 8 months ago
If you are a college student, then definitely yes I think drinking is a big part of college life in Korea and you could feel isolated. People won’t look down on you, but they will probably not call you on their nights out. However there are people that don’t drink, even in college, so try to find some friends that are sober like you!
If you are past college, I think the culture changes a bit. It really depends on who you hang out with, and drinking isn’t considered a ‘must’ as much as it is in college. In fact, while I love to drink, a lot of my friends don’t and that’s fine. We just choose to go to places that can make us both happy.
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