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Any documentaries about the demonstrations of 1987?

AskCategory: CultureAny documentaries about the demonstrations of 1987?
Michelle asked 11 months ago
Since there has been a lot of talk regarding ‘Snowdrop’ and the events that occurred in 1987, I was wanting to learn more about the events that actually took place. Are there any documentaries or other resources (preferably in video form, but non-video forms are also ok) in English or with English subtitles? It seems like there are many layers and I’m not sure where to begin.
Thank you for your help!
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Jessie answered 11 months ago
I think the movie “1987: When the Day Comes” may interest you.  It was a movie that came out in 2017 and can be rented to watch on Youtube.

I also found this documentary in English which outlines the development of Korean Democracy.  It gives an overview of a lot of events that led up to 1987 including the Gwangju/Kwangju Uprising.
There is another documentary called “The Creation of a Citizen – 1987” (신민의 탄생 1987) however it is in Korean and I wasn’t able to find a version that had English subtitles.  
Some Reading Material that might be of interest:
South Korea in 1987: The Politics of Democratization
Kwangju Uprising
These are just some things I was able to find. I hope this helps!
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