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Actors are above Gagmen?

AskCategory: CultureActors are above Gagmen?
Kyrie asked 8 months ago
Is it true that in Korea actors are considered of a much higher class / standing compared to gagmen? There was this incident not too long ago when Yoo Jae Suk won the award but a number of them did not stand up to congratulate him.
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Danny Kim Staff answered 8 months ago
Definitely actors are at the top of the hierarchy in the Korean entertainment industry. I would say gagmen in general are not respected too much. I think it has to do with people perceiving actors to be the most beautiful, and talented, plus they have the image of an artist more than an entertainer. Actors don’t have as frequent exposure to the public as gagmen or idols do, thus they have a sense of mystique and aura. If you look at any acting award show, actors rarely even give any reaction to the idol performances. They have a sense of pride(though some may call that dumb).
However in this particular case, we’re talking Yoo Jae Suk here – who is the GOAT. It makes no sense for these actors to disrespect the most beloved star in Korea, thus which is why some netizens are criticizing the actors.
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