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    ◆Made by Handmade Jewel School
    A Korean handmade accessory manufacturer. Since its opening in 1999, it has been steadily engaged in production education as well asaccessory production for 23 years. Handmade Jewel School produces unique products with more than 20 years of material hunting experience and technology.
    The brand’s hair ribbon accessories are especially loved for its attention to detail as well as its craftsmanship – each element is carefully selected and produced according to the seasons.

    ◆Daily Fabric Ribbon Hair Clips
    -Use it as a unique detail in your fashion, without drawing too much attention to it.
    -Lightweight. With holes on both sides, it’s lighter and more versatile than your average hair clip. You can even wear it with a rubber band on!
    -100% handmade from fabric selection to surface treatment. Made with love and care.

    -Due to the nature of the fabric, the position of the pattern may vary depending on each individual product.
    -Due to the nature of handmade products, there is a glue gun mark. Please understand that this is for stronger attachment. You won’t see it well when you wear it.

    ◆Product Info
    -Size : 3.93inch (10cm)
    -Weight : 55g
    -Country of Manufacture : Korea
    -Material : Clips: Plastic / Surface: Chiffon-printed fabric