• $35.00

    The earring pin is made of 925 Silver.


    A small pearl added on top of black mother-of-pearl star-shaped leaflets.

    The leaflets made of real seashells giving it a reflective clean design. Black is an especially rare color.


    The mother-of-pearl can break if there is a big impact so handle with care.


    This product uses natural ingredients, thus the colors on each product may slightly differ.  We will try our best to match the color for each pair.




    ✔ Size

    1.6cm/0.6in × 1.6cm/0.6in

    (There may be slight differences in size)



    ✔ Materials

    Mother-of-pearl, pearl, precious stones, wires


    ✔ Caution in Use

    -The color of the product may look slightly different depending on the filming environment, monitor resolution, and cell phone specifications.

    -Metal accessories are vulnerable to sweat and water, so wipe them off with a dry cloth after wearing them. Seal it in a zipper bag and store it away from direct sunlight.

    -The wire could break or get damaged if you apply excessive force or bend the wire repeatedly. Please handle with care.