Pure Pearl Flower Earring by Aileen

  • $40.00

    ▶ Pure Pearl Flower Earring by Aileen


    The earring pin is made of 925 Silver.


    A small pearl added on top of white mother-of-pearl flower leaflets.

    The leaflets made of real seashells giving it a reflective clean design.


    You can wear the earring with or without the clutch, giving it two different styling options. Goes well with hanbok as well!


    The mother-of-pearl can break if there is a big impact so handle with care.


    ✔ Size

    1.5cm/0.6in × 1.5cm/0.6in

    Clutch length 4cm/1.6in

    (There may be slight differences in size)


    ✔ Materials

    Mother-of-pearl, pearl, precious stones, wires


    ✔ Caution in Use

    -The color of the product may look slightly different depending on the filming environment, monitor resolution, and cell phone specifications.

    -Metal accessories are vulnerable to sweat and water, so wipe them off with a dry cloth after wearing them.

    -Seal it in a zipper bag and store it away from direct sunlight.

    -The wire could break or get damaged if you apply excessive force or bend the wire repeatedly. Please handle with care.