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    Moist Moist Rainbow Soap by Machii

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    Moisturizing Colorful Handmade Soap By Machii (comes in set of 3 different colored handmade soap, 50g each)    

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    This soap is made from herb extracts that are perfect for your skin, and premium oil. The mixture is poured into bamboo and aged for two years with love and care.
    The result is a bamboo soap like no other, with a unique shape and scent that comes straight from nature. It is the embodiment of years of researching this unique production method.The Bamboo Aged Organic Oil Soap’s smooth and silky foam will remove your make up with no trouble, and leave you with fresh moisturized skin.
    You can use the soap anywhere on your body. Start your day fresh with the Bamboo Aged Organic Oil Soap!*The soap comes in airtight packaging in order to prevent any dirt from affecting the product
    **Each soap may have slight variations in size, due to it being 100% handcrafted and slight differences in the size of the bamboo it was aged in. However, each soap passes through a weight check, and it will weigh over **g.
    ***Every soap comes with a string threaded in the middle so you can hang it on your bathroom wall.About the brand – Yodalmanim Yakson Soap
    Our brand has put in countless hours of research and production in making the perfect soap. We are soap craftsmen that work everyday to create a soap that is natural and organic, while protecting your skin.

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    Artemisa Capillaris Extract

    150ml 5.07 fl. oz. 92.5%


    Ceramic Massager Gualsa by Bellrose

    All made in Korea.