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    [Brillery] Solar Stud Earrings
    [Pre-Order ~ 07/31]
    The designs bring out the natural beauty in the stones by following each natural stone’s unique pattern and colors.

    Each piece is one of a kind.Brillery Jewelry – Colorful natural stone jewelry.

    Each product comes with a certification of authenticity, and a case. *The packaging may differ depending on the product.

    Item Info
    COLOR : Gold
    MATERIAL : 925 Sterling Silver
    STONE : Mother of pearl, CZ
    SIZE : 12mmx12mm


    All Brillery jewelry is crafted on a per-order basis, and takes about 15 days to create.

    Made-per-order products are non-refundable/exchangeable. Every sale is final.

    -There may be slight differences in size, and the colors may be slightly different than what you see on your monitor.

    -This gold-plated jewelry product is made for fashion purposes, and wears down with use.

    -Try to avoid getting moisture, sweat, lotion and perfume on it. Wipe down with a dry cloth after use and keep it in a sealed bag.

    -The product tried to minimize allergic reactions by using nickel free plating, however there are differences with every person in terms of allergic reactions. Refund requests due to allergic reactions will not be accepted.

    -The chain may break if you put too much force on to it.

    -For products using natural stones, the color and patterns of the stone are not valid reasons for refund.

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    • BOM Korea Just One Herbal 92.5% Extract Skin Care Series.
    • Just One Artemisia Capillaris Extract – 100% herbal extracts with an EWG Green Level and a minimum amount of preservatives for long-lasting functionality.
    • You can use the extract as a toner, as a mist by mixing it with another toner that you are using or you can use it as a face mask by applying it to a cotton pad and placing it on needed areas. You can mix 2 or more extracts together or add them to toner, lotion, or cream you use with a 5-10% ratio in accordance with the texture.
    • Main points
    • Improves skin redness – Artemisia Capillaris has cold characteristics which help soothe sensitive skin and improves redness.
    • Make Your Skin Healthier – The rich amount of Flavonoid, Amino acid, and Beta-carotene strengthens the skin itself.
    • Cleanses skin – Cleanses the skin from waste creating clean and clear skin.
    • 100% Fresh Artemisia Capillaris from Mt. Jiri of South Korea.
    • Cerified Vegan – JUST ONE Artemisia Capillaris extract is an entirely vegan product as it 100% botanical materials and excludes any animal-based ingredients and animal testing.
    • Effortful extraction method  – We extract the ingredients under a low temperature for 20 hours as one would brew herbal medicine to maximize the active ingredients.
    • 150ml 5.07 fl. oz. 92.5%
    • Made in Korea.
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    Materials : Bamboo, Polyester

    Size : 22cm when folded, 38cm when open.

    Made in Korea with attention and care.

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    ◆Five-colored Hanbok Scrunchie

    @What is Scrunchie?

    -An item with a rubber band in a thin and long fabric and stitched at the entrance. It is characterized by being able to tie hair easily and being more decorative than regular hairbands. It is a fashion item representing the 80s and 90s, and has been in vogue in Korea since 2020.


    @Five-colored Hanbok Scrunchie

    -It’s a Hanbok scrunchie that goes well with various colors. Featuring colorful colors and flowers pleasing to the eyes. Made with high-quality Hanbok fabric.

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    ◆Irwol Obongdo in your pouch
    Meet the Irwol Obongdo Pouch printed in gold holograms on eco-friendly canvas fabric.


    ◆Irwol Obongdo
    Irwol Obongdo is a Korean folding screen with a highly stylized landscape painting of a sun and moon, five peaks which always was set behind Eojwa, the king’s royal throne during the Joseon Dynasty. The sun and moon symbolize the king and queen while the five peaks denotes a mythical place. The screen serves to display
    the majesty of the Joseon Royal Court.


  • 코스터코스터2 Out of Stock

    Four distinct Korean proverbs, engraved in a neat wooden coaster. The coaster comes with a leaflet explaining the meanings of the idioms in Korean and English.


    Designed and produced in Seoul, Korea.