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    1. Kimchi Powder Seasoning Mix

    • ✔️ ADD MORE FLAVOR TO YOUR DISH : Try it on pizza, fried chicken, popcorn, your favorite meat substitute, or vegetables. Simply add a shake of ‘Kimchi Seasoning Mix’ on whatever food you want, to get that naturally fermented tangy spice you’ve been missing! Healthy food no longer needs to compromise good taste!


    • ✔️ GLUTEN-FREE & NON-GMO : Under the brand ‘Seoul Sisters’, we developed kimchi-flavored seasoning powder called ‘Kimchi Seasoning.’ ‘Kimchi Seasoning’ is a complex blend of all-natural kimchi seasoning mix that is rich in Probiotics.


    • ✔️ BENEFITS OF KOREAN KIMCHI : Kimchi is known to be a “Superfood” for its various health benefits. Kimchi is fermented pickled vegetables that are rich in Vitamins A and B, mineral (like calcium and iron), and probiotics which are good for the gut. According to various researches, Kimchi’s health benefits range to improving skin conditions! and even slow the aging process.


    • ✔️ WINNING THE AWARD AT SIAL INDIA 2019 : Kimchi Seasoning Mix has been recognized and was presented an innovation award at international food expo SIAL 2019 which was held last year in India.


    • ✔️ ENJOY HEALTHY FOODS : ‘Seoul Sisters’ promises to create healthy food trends and lifestyles which are based on Korean Food. Back in 2010, we, ‘Seoul Sisters,’ founded by CEO Sun An and Co-Founder Kimberly An, made it our goal to bring healthy Korean cuisine to every corner of the globe. We enjoy seeing people eat our delicious and healthy food!

    2. Gochujang Hotsauce

    • ✔️ SWEET, SAVORY AND SPICY : It is naturally fermented with only the best ingredients like ripe red chilis, brown rice, meju (fermented soybean), sea salt, Korean pear, and vinegar. This combination of ingredients is spicy, savory and fresh.


    • ✔️ 100% VEGETABLE INGREDIENTS : SEOUL SISTERS Gochujang Hot Sauce is a perfect vegetarian vegan sauce that only uses 100% vegetable ingredients to enjoy comfortably.


    • ✔️ 100% REAL GOCHUJANG : Uses gochujang korean chili paste made with Korean red pepper powder aka korean chili flake.


    • ✔️ GIVE THE GIFT OF SPICE : Perfectly sized small gift or stocking stuffer for Korean food lovers, hot sauce lovers, foodies, or housewarming gift for your next Christmas or Holiday party.


    • ✔️ FLAVOR & SPICE MAKES EVERYTHING NICE – Use this Korean sauce with shabu shabu, korean spicy noodles, fried rice, pizza, eggs, BBQ ribs, fried wings, grilled chicken, burgers, and more.