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    This premium glass inspired by the Korean islands Dokdo and Ulleungdo. Crafted by hand, it is distinct from the uniform shapes of typical soju glasses. The shape of the entire glass inspired by the two islands, with their names engraved in Korean at the bottom. The glass is designed to be in the form of an island turned upside.


    We have two different versions: Original/ Premium (Gold Rim Set)

    *Premium(Gold Rim Set) features a luxurious gold detail on the rim of the glass.

    Size: W2.36 D2.44 H2.2 (inch)




    Bangjja-yugi Spoon and chopsticks by the Bareunyugi  ‘Yugi’ is made of copper alloys and have been usedin making high-quality tableware in Korea since the 8th century.  ‘Bangjja Yugi’ is made by mixing tin among copper alloys and hammering it with a hammer, and hasbeen widely used as a tableware material because it does not contain any impurities contained in brass. Bareunyugi is a Bangjja Yugi brand produced by a Korean craftsman with 45 years of experience.The best quality tableware is produced by meticulous raw material management and selecting the best materialsand using a room weaving technique in which copper and tin are alloyed at a ratio of 78 to 22.