• $18.00

    ◆Cloud Candle
    -Introducing cloud candles made with 100% natural vegetable wax.
    -We tried to put the floating clouds in the sky onto the candle.
    -Even without burning it, it smells gently, so you can use it as an ‘objet’.
    -Fragrance: The scent of a meadow full of flowers

    ◆Capacity: Approx. 140g / Burning time: Approx. 3 hours / Size 7.5 x 7.5 x 12 cm
    **The size of all products is width x length x height based on the widest side.
    **Combustion time may vary depending on usage environment.
    -This product will be delivered <strong>one per order</strong>.

    ◇How to use the candle.-Cut the wick to about 5mm before use.

    -Remove all tags and labels before use.

    -Make sure to put the candle on an inflammable plate when in use.

    -If you push the wick into the melted candle wax, you can turn off the light without any smoke or charring.

    -Do not burn for extended amounts of time and circulate the air if you are burning it over 3 hours.
    -Store and use out of reach from pets and infants / children.
    -Do not use in places with fire hazards.
    -Make sure to put out the candle before sleeping or going outside.