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    Ramyun & Chill Watch Party


    Bangjja-yugi Spoon and Chopsticks

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    The Watch Party is a digital product that grants you access to the Ramyun & Chill Watch Party with the directors & producers commentary for all 5+ episodes, LIVE (& watchable later). We will be doing a Q&A session as well after we finish watching the episodes.

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    Only available in light green.


    Size (volume of liquid | cup diameter * height | coaster diameter * height)

    S: espresso cup (80ml, | 68*38mm | 90*8mm)

    M: coffee cup (185ml | 92*48mm | 120*10mm)

    L: latte cup (410ml | 111*67mm | 150*10mm)

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    Enjoy the beauty of the Korean traditional pattern Dancheong, commonly found on the roof of historical architecture, on your rainy days. This beautiful umbrella has been made with extensive research into material and history / modernization of the design. Practical and classy.


    Handmade in Korea with love and care.

  • Goryeo Ceramic Reusable Straws w: Cleaners by mimidarGoryeo Ceramic Reusable Straws w: Cleaners by mimidar

    For those who want to be environmentally conscious, practical and classy.

    *Comes in pairs – one of each color.


    100% handmade in Korea with love and care.

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    Beautiful tea coasters featuring the traditional Korean art of artist Amihwa. 1 product = contains 2 coasters of different designs.

    Diameter: 100mm (3.94″)

    Made in Korea with attention and care.

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    [Seomjan/Island Glass], which was accomplished together by numerous supporters throughout the ‘Capturing Korea’s Islands – Dokdo and Ulleungdo’ project, has come back with a new appearance. With the shape of the beautiful Jeju Island’s sea. We would like to share the values ​​we wanted to put into Seomjan with more people. SOCIAL Mirage, recognized for its value, received the 3rd Youth Startup League Grand Prize (Hite Jinro President Award), 2021 ASIA DESIGN PRIZE GRAND PRIZE, the 36th DDEA Grand Prize (Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy Award), 2021 A’ Design Award Golden A’ Award, in recognition of the systematic and aesthetic quality of the product design process. By winning such awards the beauty of Korean culture has become more widely known at home and abroad.

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    Bangjja-yugi Spoon and chopsticks by the Bareunyugi  ‘Yugi’ is made of copper alloys and have been usedin making high-quality tableware in Korea since the 8th century.  ‘Bangjja Yugi’ is made by mixing tin among copper alloys and hammering it with a hammer, and hasbeen widely used as a tableware material because it does not contain any impurities contained in brass. Bareunyugi is a Bangjja Yugi brand produced by a Korean craftsman with 45 years of experience.The best quality tableware is produced by meticulous raw material management and selecting the best materialsand using a room weaving technique in which copper and tin are alloyed at a ratio of 78 to 22.

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    -Ddukbaegi is a bowl made by making red clay, drying it in the sun, and baking it, and is used to boil or hold stews. It is the most beloved traditional bowl from the Goryeo Dynasty 1,100 years ago to the present day, and is the easiest item to find anywhere in Korea.


    @Why is Dduckbaegi loved?

    -The food doesn’t cool down easily

    -Ok to cook on fire

    -High durability

    -Good for one serving

  • 섬잔dokdo custom soju glass

    This premium glass inspired by the Korean islands Dokdo and Ulleungdo. Crafted by hand, it is distinct from the uniform shapes of typical soju glasses. The shape of the entire glass inspired by the two islands, with their names engraved in Korean at the bottom. The glass is designed to be in the form of an island turned upside.


    We have two different versions: Original/ Premium (Gold Rim Set)

    *Premium(Gold Rim Set) features a luxurious gold detail on the rim of the glass.

    >Size: W2.36 D2.44 H2.2 (inch)

  • 코스터코스터2 Out of Stock

    Four distinct Korean proverbs, engraved in a neat wooden coaster. The coaster comes with a leaflet explaining the meanings of the idioms in Korean and English.


    Designed and produced in Seoul, Korea.

  • 서울지문코스터 Out of Stock

    Feel fingerprints of Seoul in this unique work of art – made with concrete, it features the blueprint of Seoul in a coaster form. It’s definitely more art than coaster though 🙂

    100% handmade in Korea.