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Bringing Seoul into your hands

NAKD SEOUL is your online store for high-quality Korean goods from local Korean brands. From fashion items to skincare to home decor – we got something for you that you won’t find anywhere else.

The Korean wave has caught the world by storm the past few years, which has led to many seeking and creating Korean products. However, in the sea of new ‘Korean’ products being sold online, it has become harder to find authentic, high-quality made-in-Korea products. Many times, these ‘Korean’ products are not even made in Korea!

That’s why we built NAKD SEOUL. To provide authentic and unique products of Korea from local brands, that you really won’t find on other websites. We strive to connect our community of local brands to the global audience, and expand their reach beyond Korea’s borders.

By buying NAKD SEOUL products, you are getting a piece of the Seoulite lifestyle. From traditional to trendy, each product and brand is an embodiment of the lifestyle of its creators. Just click away and see the vast amounts of products we offer.


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What we do for local brands

We believe that there are many great local Korean brands that have been yet to be discovered by the global audience. We get in touch with local Korean brands that have yet to reach outside the borders of Korea, or are having trouble doing so. Usually linguistic, cultural and logistical barriers are the issue.


We are here to resolve such issues with our superb knowledge of international audiences we’ve gathered through years of creating Korean-themed digital media catered for them. We have a great team of experts that can also create elaborate marketing campaigns for the brand, with our wide network of influencers.


We handle everything, so the local brand can focus on just one thing: putting out great products.

Giving Back To The Community

We at NAKD SEOUL believe that anyone can be a Seoulite, regardless of color, gender or nationality. That is represented through the vast variety of products at our store – we want to recognize the different lifestyles and backgrounds that can coexist in this beautiful city. You simply cannot paint Seoul with one brush.


However, reality tells a different story. The founding members, even as ethnic Koreans, were ostracized while growing up, for their international backgrounds. We want to change that for the future generations to come. That is why NAKD SEOUL as a company is donating to KMC Youth – an organization that supports children of multi-ethnic families in Korea.


KMC Youth provides counseling, legal support, education, sports/art activities to help children of mixed ethnicities to integrate and adapt to Korean wider society. 1% of all our profits from purchases made in NAKD SEOUL are donated to KMC Youth. We also plan to partake in projects for the same cause through KMC Youth.

Last but not least…

We care the most about you, our customer, the NAKD SEOUL Family. We value every order however small or big as an opportunity for us to make a lasting impression, not just of NAKD SEOUL but of Korea as a whole.


We take great pride in the quality of our products and services. We take extra care so your package arrives in a safe and sound manner, while making sure we minimize our carbon footprint. We also reward our customers that spread word of mouth and contribute to the NAKD SEOUL community with the NAKD Points that you can use as cash in our store. It is our ultimate mission to create a tightly bonding community around NAKD SEOUL.


As a general rule, our company operates with the utmost transparency. We want to make sure that you know what is happening with your order. For every purchase, we give real-time shipping updates, as well as chat support / email support regarding the shipping. We also provide email support for any other issues and inquiries that you may have regarding our products and services. If you are that someone, please feel free to send us an email by writing in the contact form below. We will help you as soon as possible.


Thank you very much for reading this very long About Us article 🙂 We welcome you to the club and we hope you enjoy your stay!

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The team

Danny Kim


David Kim

Creative Director

HJ Lee


Hyung Jin Choi

Logistics Manager & Office Cat

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Product Manager

Fatin Ahmed

Community & Marketing Manager