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Spotlight on Women Dancers, 3 Reasons Why ‘Street Woman Fighter’ Became so Viral

Have you heard about “Hey Mama Challenge” that has been so viral in Korea? It is a dance challenge to cover Team WayB, Noze’s “Hey Mama” choreography she made for Street Woman Fighter’s second mission. (If you haven’t seen the choreography or the challenge, click the video below.) Many Korean celebrities, including Wi Ha-Joon from Squid Game and K-pop fans have participated in this challenge that #HeyMama has got over 251 million hashtags on TikTok. What is so special about Street Woman Fighter that makes everyone craze about it?

Street Woman Fighter, Mnet

1. Underdogs overwhelm the stage

Professional dancers were normally called “back dancers” in Korea, meaning they are backing up the singers’ or celebrities’ stages. They haven’t been recognized by the media despite their great dancing skills and contributions they made to K-pop’s popularity. Street Woman Fighter was the first show in Korea that has spotlighted the dancers that have always been shadowed by the celebrities. The show put forward the dancers’ high dancing skills and the public started recognizing each dancer’s career. Instead of watching their favorite K-pop idol member’s fancam , K-pop fans started to focus on dancers’ moves on YouTube. Public also found out the famous choreographies such as Aespa’s “Next Level” were created by dancers starring in Street Woman Fighter, so they started comparing K-pop idol’s stage and the original choreography by the professional dancers.

Street Woman Fighter, Mnet

2. Eight dance crews, eight different colors

Street Woman Fighter casted of eight dance crews, Lachica, Want, CocaNButter, Prowdmon, Hook, HolyBang, WayB, and YGX. Starring the dancer scene’s some of the most renowned crews, each crew has very different character and specialize in different dancing style. As they are given various missions throughout the show, comparing and contrasting each crew’s different dance performances is a great fun for the viewers. For instance, HolyBang led by Honey J, known for Hip Hop style dance and creating most choreographies for AMOG, the famous Hip Hop Label, constitutes most of the stages with Hip Hop dance moves. On the other hand, YGX led by Lee Jung, famous for making choreographies for YG Entertainment, is very specialized in making catchy dance moves. As all eight teams are very characteristic, comparing the different styles became viral as well.

Street Woman Fighter

3. Short form videos make them even more viral

Short form video platforms have ignited the popularity of Street Woman Fighter’s memes and dances even more making them much more viral. People have edited each dancer’s move into short form videos and uploaded on YouTube Shorts, Instagram Reels, and TikTok. As the crew dance together, it is hard to recognize the each performer’s dance moves one by one. So, by editing the performances into short form video fancams, each dancer’s short videos became even more viral. This is the reason why #HeyMama challenge became so viral as well. After watching these fancams, celebrities started uploading their own version of #HeyMama choreography in short video and so did the fans.

The producer of Street Woman Fighter has already officially announced creating “Street Girls Fighter”, program which teenage girl dancers fight for the best dancer. Now that Street “Woman” Fighter has become so successful, K-pop fans and the public are waiting for next version of this show, Street “Man” Fighter. This may be feasible as there are also many talented man dancers that haven’t been recognized. We can definitely say that Street Woman Fighter has done a great job in giving spotlight to the dancer scene and giving credits to the dancers.

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