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4 Korean Diary Ideas – DAKKU (Kpop, BTS fan decorating diaries!)

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All of us have our own favorite K-pop stars who we are eager to meet in person. Well, countries are just starting to implement new prevention measures after deciding to live with the Covid-19 era. So meeting with K-pop stars in person is still a dream, but bringing them into a journal is possible!

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In Korea, diary journal decoration is a new trend. Teenagers and the youth were getting bored staying at home, so they bought hand-sized journals, stickers, pens, highlighters, colorful tapes, and other stationery products to play with. Above is the “Seoul Sticker Shop” that shares the joy of owning stickers with people. Visit the site and look! Then with those stickers, skillful individuals write, draw, and decorate their journals: “Dakku(다꾸)”, an abbreviation of decorating diary in Korean.

Why don’t you try to make your own Korean-style diary? Let’s look at 4 different ideas to decorate a diary in “Dakku” styles. First, getting ready: stationary. Of course, a journal is required. A journal with daily and monthly schedules and blank sheets is best for “Dakku”. Then colorful pens, numerous types of stickers, a tweezer, scissors, and a box cutter should be set as well.

Second, moving on to – actual writing, monthly calendar decoration. Turn the journal to the monthly page and fill out the dates in each grid of the month. It’s better to use one or two colors, such as black for weekdays and red for weekends because there will be a different range of colors used for decorations. Then pick up key events that happened within that month and write them down in each allocated grid box. If you are not a fan of telling others your personal stories, it’s okay too. Just put layers of stickers and tapes as you feel like it! Remember, there is no limit to making your unique diary.

K-pop star journal

Third, a daily diary. In this section, one or two pages of handwriting will be blended with stickers that fit the content. Pick and put number-shaped stickers according to the date near the headline section. Although it is called a “Daily diary”, not all writers record their everyday life. Or try jotting down thoughts, feelings, and emotions that you have for your favorite K-pop star. The celebrity’s picture, birthday, debut date, hobbies, the reason why you became the fangirl, or anything related to the celebrity is a possible topic for a daily journal.

BTS ‘Dis-ease’ handwriting

Fourth, lyrics. Pondering upon lyrics or poem has a calming effect and while writing it down, you might figure out the true message of the song. In this way, keeping up with song releases and the story of the K-pop star will be easier and it will enrich your experience as a fan. Do not forget to analyze lyrics on your own, especially for dance songs, because exploring lyrics without melody might motivate you to do something incredible!

There are many videos and tips on the internet for further references. Google “Dakku” or search Korean daily journal, K-pop journal, and more to find out more inspirations!

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