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“Squid Game” – Honeycomb toffee

Netflix’s Squid Game poster

Many people are obsessed with Netflix’s “Squid Game”. The Korean drama, Squid Game, is a survival game, consisting of Korean traditional games such as Red Right Green Light, honeycomb toffee, tug of war, marbles, glass bridge, and squid game. Featured by celebrities including Lee Byung-hun, Lee Jung-jae, HoYeon-Jung, and more, hundreds of candidates receive invitations to compete in children’s games.

Among six different local games, Red Light Green Light, and honeycomb toffee are sweeping the internet. On Instagram, TikTok, Youtube, and Twitter, fans from all over the world are posting videos and pictures of making honeycomb toffee, playing Red Light Green Light, and visiting the creepy doll from the Squid Game in some shopping malls.

The doll can be found in front of a crossroad near a shopping mall in the Philippines, watching over the people who are jaywalking. After saying “mugunghwa-kkoch-i pi-eoss-seubnida(무궁화 꽃이 피었습니다)” or “Green Light, Red Light”, the doll looks back to check who is jaywalking. If a moving person is detected, red rays come out and point the person. You can also play Squid Game’s minigames on the Roblox platform – Roblox developers imitated minigames for users to play – where you will be killed when caught just like in the drama.

Dalgona in Korea

Next, honeycomb toffee game. Honeycomb toffee is traditional Korean candy with simple shapes stamped on it. In Korean, it is called “dalgona(달고나)”, meaning it is sweeter than sugar and is originated from a Korean word “dalda(달다)” or sweet in English. The goal is to crack around the edges of the shape without breaking. Traditionally, honeycomb toffee was made by melting sugar on a ladle with briquette fire and mixing it with baking soda. From a long time ago, Korean kids enjoyed eating dalgona as a snack in after school and it was popular especially in the 1960s and 70s.

Don’t Break The Squid Game Honeycomb Cookie Challenge

Recently in various social media, many individuals are taking on a new honeycomb toffee challenge, where they try to make Korean traditional candy on their own. Even a dalgona failure video attracts more than 1 million views! Some are licking dalgona to get the central shape right in their videos. Just search “dalgona” or “Squid Game honeycomb toffee” on the internet, you will find a bunch of fun videos and posts to enjoy.


To make honeycomb toffee, all you need is a metal ladle, circular press, cutter (can be a cookie-cutter), and scrapper. First, turn the fire on to medium heat then put the ladle above the fire. Heat it up a little bit and pour sugar. Make sure to stir sugar until it is fully dissolved. Soon, it will turn brown and be caramelized. Remove from the fire, and this is the perfect time to add a pinch of baking soda. Keep stirring until it rises and turns opaque light brown. Throw the batch onto the baking sheet or metal sheet. It will be easier to scrap it out when sugar power is spread out on the sheet prior. Then press the batch with the cookie-cutter – do not press to hard or it will break. After cooling down for a while, test yourself if you can survive from the homemade Squid Game!

Now you might wonder where to get the dalgona making kit. Here you go! We prepared the kit for you to enjoy at home. Visit the link below to buy one and have fun with your family, friends, or fans of Squid Game.

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