Gangneung, The BTS Bus Stop and More


You may have heard of this city, or at least you may have seen the beach in Gangneung from…

BTS’s Spring Day music video

Yes, as you know, the city is famous for BTS’ Spring Day music video. Also, (as you know,) there is BTS Bus Stop in Gangneung. The city is definitely the No.1 destination for BTS ARMY.

But you know what? Gangneung has been Koreans’ all-time favorite vacation spot. In 2019, when the world was free from the infectious disease, almost 20 million people visited the city. That means Gangneung had more than 53,000 visitors per day on average.

Then why do people love Gangneung? What’s special in the city? Before talking about why I like Gangneung, let me show you this video first.

Let’s feel the rhythm of Gangneung for two minutes.

Well, I think this video already well showed how attractive Gangneung is. But let me add some more explanations with my personal reasons why I love the city.

1. Beautiful beaches

Jaehee Kim, living in Seoul but loving to visit Gangneung, shared her photo from Gangneung.

I think I don’t even have to explain it. Just one picture can show you why. Beautiful beaches in Gangneung attract people in all seasons. The music video of Spring Day was shot in Hyangho Beach, but there are more beaches that will take you by storm.

These days, many Koreans visit Anmok Beach to feel the smell of the East Sea or to have a nice cup of coffee. (And you can see that in Jaehee’s photo—she’s holding a coffee cup lol) Gangneung Coffee Street is right by Anmok Beach, with a number of coffee shops welcoming tourists to take a rest and enjoy the scenery.

Aside from Hyangho and Anmok, there are so many others. Another notable beach is Jumunjin Beach, which is well-known for seafood. That will bring us to the next topic.

2. Fresh seafood

Jumunjin Fish Market is more famous than Jumunjin Beach. Established in 1963, it has been home to a large fleet of fish boats. In the market, you can find various fresh seafood caught on the east coast, such as squid, mackerel, pollacks, pikes, and crabs. You can buy fish and enjoy a sashimi meal inside the market—they have tables to serve you.

In the past, people used to go to Jumunjin for a single reason: to visit the fish market. But now we’ve finally got another reason: BTS Bus Stop.

From Jumunjin Fish Market (green) to BTS Bus Stop (red), it only takes nine minutes.

By car, it only takes nine minutes from the fish market to the bus stop. Plus, you can even enjoy a drive by the sea.

3. BTS Bus Stop

You Never Walk Alone

This bus stop is not only loved by ARMY, but by all other Korean citizens. It is the monumental place where the top K-pop band filmed their album cover. But also, it is a perfect photo spot for all.

#bts정류장 (#btsbusstop)

So many have already shared their artwork on Instagram. Unfortunately, I’ve got no chance to get there yet, but I would definitely love to visit sometime soon. And I believe many of you are like-minded.

Here, let me introduce this must-have item to slake your thirst for a visit to BTS Bus Stop.

Spring Day Fabric Poster / Custom made, Photo Copyrights Acquired

While the pandemic has made traveling hard, this fabric poster will bring you to Jumunjin beach, Gangneung.

Bring the scene of Spring Day to your room.
Be together with BTS.

Past the end of winter’s cold
Until the spring day comes again
Until the flowers bloom again

BTS – 봄날 (Spring Day)

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