Kpop Idol MBTI Breakdown

The MBTI test has been around since WWII, but it’s only recently caught on in Korea the past few years. Now some Korean companies are even requiring job applicants to disclose their MBTI upon sending in their resume’s. It’s taken that seriously. That means it’s only natural that we at NAKD SEOUL take the opportunity to apply the MBTI to our favorite field : Kpop.

The analysts’ group consists of the architects (INTJ) who are strategic and imaginative thinkers, always planning everything. Thanks to this personality, Ryujin of ITZY plays the role of main dancer, sub-vocalist, and sub rapper and as a bonus, she leads visionary and strategic planning for the group, which explains the global recognition that she boasts.

Logicians or INTPs are inventive and innovative with a broad thirst for knowledge. In this case, Jin of BTS is the vocalist and visual of the group, on the other hand, BTS’ Suga is the lead rapper of the group. To the group’s added fortune, both display this type of personality, which aids the group in musical innovations and inventions to improve their brand and reputation globally.

The commanders (ENTJ) are strong-willed and bold leaders who find a way or make one in any case. Yielding this character is Zico, and is preferably a solo artist despite being a member of Block B, which explains his pursuit of solo music and leading the Block B group.

ENTPs are debaters who are curious and intelligent thinkers, always accommodating an intellectual challenge. Undoubtedly, the singer Yook Sungjae has this personality, which allows him to pursue different talents such as music, songwriting, and acting. 

The diplomats’ group comprises advocates (INFJ) who are generally mystical and quiet with an inspiring and idealistic nature. Representing the INFJs is Taeyeon who is the Girl’s Generation’s leader and main vocalist, but pursues her solo venture from the larger group and allows her to maintain her ideals and thoughts and make her music.

Mediators (INFP) are usually kind, altruistic, and poetic people who always look forward to aiding a good cause. Owing gratitude to this personality is IU since she donates to economically and underprivileged children through Green Umbrella Children’s Foundation and at the same time making exemplary music.

ENFJs are protagonists popularly known as inspirational and charismatic leaders capable of fascinating their listeners. Well, BTS’s Jimin illuminates this character since he is the lead vocalist and dancer of the group. It is not a surprise that his talents have aided the group in achieving global success in music.

ENFPs are described as campaigners mostly characterized by being social with free spirits, creative, and full of enthusiasm. Thanks to the character, RM of BTS has not failed to showcase his leadership skills, which results in their music’s global prosperity. As a result, they now enjoy receiving numerous nominations and awards such as the Grammys. On the other hand, V of BTS also showcases this personality, and his role as a mood maker matches this character perfectly, which enables the group to always be in a lively mood for the fans.

The sentinels comprise of ISTJs who are logisticians defined as factual, practically-minded and are very reliable. Such an aspect has proven advantageous to Up10tion since Sunyoul is such a character and amplifies his role as the main vocalist and ‘mom’ of the group.

Defenders or ISFJs are dedicated and vicious protectors, ready to defend who they love. Luckily, Yeji of Itzy demonstrates this personality; hence, her role as a reliable and enthusiastic leader, who usually overloads herself in the group’s projects, and works in favor of their successful brand.

ESTJs are the executives with outstanding administrators’ qualification at managing things and people. To AB6IX’s advantage, Woojin Park has this type of personality, and his duty as the main rapper and dancer of the group ascertains his ability to manage its music and dance, thus gaining millions of fans.

The consul (ESFJ) are popular, social, and caring individuals ready to help in any way they can. In this case, BTS is a lucky lot since J-Hope demonstrates this character and his role as the principal choreographer in terms of sophisticated dance moves improves their video quality. Moreover, he was arguably popular in high school even before he joined the side.

The explorers’ group comprises ISTPs or virtuosos who are practical and bold experimenters. They are popularly termed as the masters in tools. Nayeon of Twice depicts this kind of character, and her role as lead vocalist, dancer, and center matches her personality of being experimentative, which Twice is grateful for.

Adventurers (ISFP) are charming and flexible artists usually ready for exploration and new experiences. Individuals such as Jungkook of BTS uphold this personality since his role as vocalist, center, visual, lead dancer, and maknae means he explores more activities and is involved in a lot of BTS craft, complementing their music.

ESTPs are considered entrepreneurs represented by energetic, wise, and smart traits. Moreover, they are happy living on the edge. NCT enjoys all the benefits since Jaehyun yields a vibrant personality in the group due to his position as the main vocalist, lead dancer, and lead rapper, adding value to their music. Moreover, he is profiled as good at studying.

The entertainers or ESFPs are energetic, spontaneous, and enthusiastic, which rules out a boring life as a cup of their tea. SF9’ Rowoon is of sentimental value due to this personality since he is the group’s lead vocalist, thus, the leading entertainer of their fans. Moreover, he is an actor who played a leading role in Extraordinary You, and a fashion model, which cumulatively implies that he was born an entertainer and lives a fascinating and exciting life.

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