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Our Mission.

Connecting you to the real Seoul, the naked Seoul.

We started our journey as college classmates making simple KPOP reaction videos, about 4~5 years ago. Never did we think this would amount to what DKDKTV is today: a gateway to connecting with millions of people around the world all with the love of Korea and Korean media. Not to blow my own trumpet, but I believe what we’ve created is something very beautiful and exciting. I want to say thank you, it’s all thanks to you, and now we are embarking on the next step of our careers.

Throughout our time as Youtubers, we had countless opportunities to work with many brands. Almost all of them were non-Korean brands, thanks to DKDKTV having a large overseas audience. While most of our partnerships were fruitful for both sides involved, we also wondered to ourselves why many high-quality Korean brands would not want to tap into the potential of our global viewership and the rest of the world.

The answer was simple: language and geography. Many of the smaller Korean brands felt stumped by not knowing where to start with selling their products overseas, in terms of the language, logistics, and marketing. On the other hand, all of you reading this overseas could not access these brands because of the same reasons. I believed this was something we could solve as we had a big international audience that connected with us, and the content creation skills to help market Korean brands. Hence NAKD SEOUL was born.

There is also another big motive for our brand. NAKD SEOUL is mainly a content-first service with a team of editors for written pieces as well as photographers and videographers. So far, DKDKTV has been mainly around KPOP and Korean pop culture. While many of our viewers have told us that it has helped them in understanding Korea better, we also felt that there is so much more Korea has to offer than just pop culture. With content on NAKD SEOUL, we want to dig even deeper, into the latest social phenomena and into the psyche of the Korean lifestyle, especially the Seoulite lifestyle. We want to give you the sights and smells and feelings we have as people living in Seoul. We want to bring Seoul into your hands.

So here goes nothing. Enjoy NAKD SEOUL, be excited, be scared, be thrilled. We’re embarking on this journey.


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